Thursday, June 19, 2014

Google AdWords Remarking

Have you started using the Google AdWords remarking ad options yet? These can be very powerful. When someone visits your website for any reason, like an initial ad or organic search click, a cookie is placed on their browser.  Then, when they go to other websites that participate in the Google Display (a.k.a Content) Network you have have specific graphic or video ads shown to them that are specifically tailored to someone who has shown an interest in your products or services. These re-marketing ads are setup to operate independently of your regular advertising ads, ad groups etc.

Basically, this is an automated digital CRM contact that you can define to happen for a specified time period. You can alternate various re-marketing ads so the person does not always see the same ad. In this way you can try various hot button topics to try and get them to click on the re-marketing ad and then direct them to a specific topic landing page or online chat session.

More to come on how to set this up. For immediate assistance email us at or call 972-292-9200 to speak to someone immediately.

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