Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why Optimize Your Website for Mobile?

Lot's of Traffic

Over one-quarter of global web searches are now conducted on mobile devices. That's over a billion users worldwide. Check your website's statistics using tools such as Google Analytics and you will find that mobile website activity is growing.  Some websites report that their primary visitors are now on mobile devices: smart phones, tablets, etc.  So, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices you are losing a lot of traffic and its impacting your bottom line.

Brand Awareness

Most people now move between devices so a good mobile presence will translate to continued and increased activity on desktops once a site is originally found from a mobile device or vice versa. Some people find a good website on a mobile device and then either text or email it to a friend for future engagement. Depending on where a website visitor is in the buying cycle it is critical to continue the process to close more deals.

Mobile Users Need Different Content

To reduce bounce rates all websites must give people what they want as quickly as possible. With today's fast paced world and short attention spans a good mobile optimized website must load fast and provide contact information including maps and directions up front. Content needs to be organized into snippets of information. And, a good mobile website should reformat or be responsive based on the screen size being used to view it.

Website Mobile Check-Up

Use your smartphone and/or tablet and go to your website to check the following:

  • Does it load in less than 5 seconds?
  • Picture yourself in a car and bring up the website, does it provide the information you would expect?
  • Is the content easy to read and navigate?
  • Does it draw your eye to the call to action or objectives?
  • What is the overall user experience? 
If your site did not measure up to your expectations then its time to optimize your site for mobile.

Do I need to maintain a separate mobile website?

This depends on the business objectives and the objectives of the website. With today's technologies the content of the main website can be designed to be "responsive" and reformat based on the viewer's screen size, device capabilities and characteristics. If you website is not responsive, it is outdated so contact your web designer today.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Google AdWords Remarking

Have you started using the Google AdWords remarking ad options yet? These can be very powerful. When someone visits your website for any reason, like an initial ad or organic search click, a cookie is placed on their browser.  Then, when they go to other websites that participate in the Google Display (a.k.a Content) Network you have have specific graphic or video ads shown to them that are specifically tailored to someone who has shown an interest in your products or services. These re-marketing ads are setup to operate independently of your regular advertising ads, ad groups etc.

Basically, this is an automated digital CRM contact that you can define to happen for a specified time period. You can alternate various re-marketing ads so the person does not always see the same ad. In this way you can try various hot button topics to try and get them to click on the re-marketing ad and then direct them to a specific topic landing page or online chat session.

More to come on how to set this up. For immediate assistance email us at or call 972-292-9200 to speak to someone immediately.

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